People Strategy

  • Objective: To create and align a people strategy with the business growth strategy to support growth acceleration through people
  • Outcome: A tailored people-centered roadmap that supports the distinct needs of your business, culture, and growth strategy

Organizational Design and Development

  • Objective: To align the organizational structure with the needs and market demands of the customers while supporting the capacity and growth stage of the company
  • Outcome: An intentional organizational structure that aligns with the business growth strategy with clear accountabilities that drives value creation and collaboration

Interim People Leader

  • Objective: To increase the capacity and strategic skills in a key leadership role to support the growth strategy
  • Outcome: An experienced and strategic people leader on the senior leadership team to help drive and support the growth strategy

Coaching & Career Development

  • Objective: To accelerate the growth and development of key executives, leaders and employees
  • Outcome: Individuals achieve more effective ways of working and leading that supports the people strategy and accelerated growth strategy for the company

Advancing Human Resources

  • Objective: To optimize and advance the Human Resources function from transactional to strategic
  • Outcome: A Human Resources team that is able to drive and sustain people processes needed to accelerate business growth

Change Management and Project Management

  • Objective: To effectively manage and structure organizational change and key projects identified to drive the people and growth strategy
  • Outcome: A defined roadmap for implementing and executing the people side of growth strategy